movers Vancouver WA FAQ

Before the Move

We recommend getting recommendations from friends, neighbors, co-workers, or others who have used the mover recently. You should get written estimates for the cost of your move from a number of moving companies and compare costs and services. Be sure to choose a mover that has a valid UTC permit. You may access the information on the commissions website: or by calling 1-800-562-6150.
Sometimes it’s difficult to plan a move several months in advance. However, the peak season for moving companies is during the summertime, making the demand and costs higher. Plan ahead and if you can schedule your move in the fall, winter or spring, we recommend it.
Start packing early. Moving a home or business takes a lot of work and planning. When the big move day comes, we want to make sure you’re stress free and ready. One suggestion we have is to pack a box a day. You spread the amount of work over a manageable period of time.
Always be careful with packaging belongings when preparing for a move. Specialty boxes for TV’s and other breakable items are available at certain boxing and container stores and provided by ANC Movers. For other non breakable items, most sturdy card board boxes will work. However, we recommend letting us handle the breakables because it’s what we do every day and we are experts in handling the more difficult to package items.
Mark the outside of the boxes with a pen or marker when packing up so when you arrive at your new location, you’ll know exactly where it goes.

During & After the Move

Be at the destination at the agreed-upon time of delivery.
Check for damages while the mover is present. If there is loss or damage, make a specific notation on the bill of lading.
You must pay for the move before your goods are unloaded. If you have made other arrangements, you should note it on the bill of lading. WUTC rules ensure that in no instance are you required to pay more than 25% above your written estimate. If you received only a verbal estimate, the mover is not restricted to charging you the amount quoted to you.
Tipping the movers 15%-20% of the total cost of the move is the general rule of thumb. Tips can be added to the credit card or you can pay it by cash to the team captain and team captain will in turn, make sure the team members get paid.
If you find your goods have been damaged, ask the mover for a claim form. All claims must be filed in writing and the mover must acknowledge written claims within 10 days and respond to them within 120 days. Be sure to keep the damaged property, the mover has the right to inspect any damaged property before settling a claim.


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