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Just bought a new home? Found your dream apartment or condo?

If you’re looking to make a residential move in Vancouver Washington, look no further than ANC Movers. We’ve been helping people move for over 15 years.

“I am 87 years old, and at my age moving can be a hassle. I have used ANC Movers each time I have moved. They are very dependable, kind, and patient. They are always willing to go the extra mile to help me.

– Bonnie, Vancouver, WA

We’ve done it all, from full-service moves where we pack, move, and unpack an entire apartment to picking up already packed boxes and dropping them off outside of a new home, and everything in between. Keep reading to find out our keys to making your residential move a success.

Your Residential Move: From Start to Finish

Choosing  Residential Movers in Vancouver WA

When deciding on a moving company, start by asking your friends and neighbors who they used for their recent moves. They’ll be one of the best sources for up-to-date info on which residential movers are doing a great job in the Vancouver area.

Make sure to talk to a few different moving companies and get estimates in writing and make sure you understand all of the costs. Make sure to see their permit from the Utilities and Transportation Commission (UTC). Finding a residential moving company you feel comfortable with and can trust will make your residential move easier.

Scheduling Your Move

Sometimes you can’t plan a move months in advance. But if your schedule allows it, you’ll have a bit more flexibility if you can move during the spring, fall, or winter. That’s because summer is when most people move and it’s a busy time for residential movers. But no matter when you’re moving, ANC movers would love to help you!

Don’t forget to check local event calendars, too. You don’t want to move on the day of a big parade or marathon when roads may be closed.

Packing & Labeling Tips

If you’re handling the packing yourself, start earlier than you think you should! Last-minute packing  on the day of the move really adds to the stress.

Make sure to use boxes that are designed for moving computers, TVs, and other fragile items. And don’t forget to label boxes! Use a big permanent marker and label boxes with their contents AND where they should end up in your new home.

The Day of Your Move

Relax! With thorough planning and a great residential moving company, the day of the move really can be stress free. Get an early start and you’ll be able to enjoy your first night in your new home without any worries on your mind.

Our Residential Moving Services

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Whether you want to do all of the packing yourself, leave the whole move to us, or something in between, our residential movers have a package that will work for you.

You Pack & Unpack

You’ll be in charge of packing and wrapping your belongings. Our team will handle the loading and unloading. Then you’ll finish up by unpacking at your final destination.

We Pack & Unpack

We do it all. Packing, wrapping, loading, transporting, unloading and unpacking. You just tell us where everything goes at your new house.

Combination Packages

If you want to split the difference between full service and DIY moves, we can work with you. Do you want us to handle packing, but want to unpack yourself? No problem. Just let us know the kind of Combination Package you have in mind.

Special Requests

Want a big piece of furniture dropped off at a friend’s house? Downsizing and need to put some items in storage? Picking up a new sofa from the furniture store? We can arrange to have multiple pick-up and drop-off locations on the day of your move.

Answers to Your Moving Questions

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Will You Really Set Up My Bed?

Yes! And at no extra charge. We guarantee you’ll have a place to sleep on your first night in your new home.

Are You Insured?

Yes! We’re fully licensed and carry a $2 million dollar insurance policy to protect you and your property.

Do You Use Day Laborers?

Nope! We only employ trained, experienced movers. They’ll stay with you throughout your move to make sure everything goes as planned.

What Sort of Moving Equipment Do You Use?

We clean our trucks before and after every move. Our furniture pads, protective blankets, dollies and hand carts are in excellent condition at all times.

When packing your belongings we use high-quality shrink wrap and heavy-duty boxes to make sure everything is protected and ready to be moved.

About ANC Movers

We’re different from other moving companies.

We emphasize honesty and integrity and never tack on hidden charges or last minute surprise fees. We provide service with a smile and we always keep our promises. Our job isn’t finished until you’re completely satisfied.

We want to be part of your residential move.

ANC Movers is proud to be a locally minority-owned and operated business!

“When I founded ANC Movers, I knew I wanted to be different from every other mover in Vancouver. Our customers trust they’ll always get the great service we’ve become known for and that I’m always here to help.”

ANC Movers is DBE Certified.

Peter Clarke, Owner


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