Tips for Moving an Elderly Parent or Family Member

Are you getting ready to help an elderly parent or family member move? As we get older and wiser, our needs, priorities, and circumstances often change. For some people, that means downsizing to a new home, condo, apartment, or assisted living facility. It can sometimes be a difficult transition — for your loved one, and also for you. Being as … Read More

Moving a Gun Collection? What to Know Beforehand

As Archimedes famously said, “Give me a place to stand, and I shall move the world.” I bet he never tried to move a big gun collection!   Can you move it yourself? If you have just a few firearms, moving your guns might not be a hassle. But if you’ve got a big collection, your move might become a … Read More

How To Plan A Garage Sale Before Your Vancouver Move

Is a move to a new home, apartment, or condo on your to-do list?   Why plan a garage sale before your move? Think of your new space as a fresh start in life. Why bring a bunch of stuff with you? You probably don’t need it and you probably won’t miss it. Clear out the things that don’t bring … Read More

How to Keep Your Houseplants Safe During a Move

If you’re like us, a thriving habitat of home or office plants is an important part of your home’s decor and interior design. But what happens when you move? House plants are likely the most fragile items you’ll move during the moving process. So how do you do it without inflicting lasting harm on your plants? We’ve outlined the process … Read More

What to Bring & What to Throw Away When Moving

Moving to a new space presents you with an opportunity to energize and cleanse your life. Every person accumulates stuff as time goes on. Clothes you once love become last season’s fashion, hobbies fade, and items that once seemed like something you’d have forever have no longer become valuable in your life. As you age and develop new interests, styles, … Read More

6 Reasons to Avoid Moving Companies that Use Day Laborers

An important thing that sets ANC Movers apart from other Vancouver area moving companies is we never send temporary hires, or day laborers, to work at your home. Instead, all our movers are trained and trusted in-house employees who are experts at their jobs. While other moving companies often hire day laborers as a way to cut costs or take … Read More

6 Moving & Packing Tips to Make Your Move Surprisingly Simple

Don’t let an upcoming move cause you stress. We asked our team of professional movers and packers to share their best tips for simplifying the moving process and reducing stress. Tip number one: Queue up a playlist with your favorite upbeat music to keep you motivated. Now that you’ve done that, let’s dive in!   De-stress with this checklist! Download … Read More

When is the Best Time to Move in Vancouver?

Is there a best time to move? You might be surprised! In today’s post we’ll go over the most popular times to move in the Vancouver area as well as review our tips for making your move go as smoothly as possible. Let’s get started!   Summer is moving season in Vancouver Here at ANC Movers, our busiest season is … Read More

How to Move Without a Car

How to Move Without a Car Moving is stressful even with a car. In addition to needing to take stock of what you have and buying things you may need for the new home, you must think of the logistics of getting your stuff to your new home. Then, once you figure out the logistics you actually have to do … Read More