Do you think you’ll be moving into new home, apartment, or condo? It’s never too early to start planning the logistics of your move. You may have already read our other posts on the subject, including:

Today, our Portland and Vancouver moving experts are back to talk about moving big stuff— pianos, gun safes, works of art, and other oversize items. We’ll review the mistakes homeowners make with these items and talk more about how we move these items safely.


Trusting your one friend with a pickup truck

When moving, many homeowners either rent a small truck or van, or make multiple trips in their own cars. This might be OK for smaller items like books, clothes, and kitchen stuff, but making trip after trip can eat up a lot of time and can be exhausting.

When it comes to moving bigger and oversize items, many DIY moves rely on that one friend who has a pickup truck. Unfortunately this isn’t a good strategy for moving a piano, pool table, gun safe, or big piece of furniture or art. Here’s why:

  • Weather – We don’t have to tell you that it rains a lot in our neck of the woods. Moving anything, let alone something of value, in a pickup truck is a big gamble. Even a tarp might let some water through and damage your item.
  • Size – Gun safes and pianos are MUCH heavier than they look, and pieces of furniture are heavy and awkwardly sized. Just getting them into the pickup will be nearly impossible and require serious muscle. Many are so heavy they’ll even damage a vehicle’s suspension!
  • Safety – It’s just not safe to drive with an oversized load in a truck that can’t handle it. You’re creating a hazard on the road! Plus there’s your own safety to worry about (and that of your friend) when lifting and moving something so big.
  • Security – You probably won’t have the straps, padding, and other equipment you need to protect a valuable item from damage during the move.

Plus, there’s your friendship to worry about. What happens if your friend’s truck gets damaged? Or your piece gets busted up in the move? These situations can turn sour in a hurry.


You might be saying goodbye to your security deposit

In our experience, DIY movers don’t realize the damage they can do to their property during a move. If you’re moving out of a rental property and especially if you’re moving a big item like a piano or a gun safe, you’re making a potentially expensive mistake. Gouged floors, chipped paint, damaged stairs, and cracked tile are often left in your wake when you move a heavy item without the proper tools, equipment, and technique.


It’s not enough to just move something

When planning their move, many people simply want to get their items from Point A to Point B. What they forget is that the real goal is getting their stuff moved in one piece without damaging it.

Pianos, for example, are durable and with regular tuning and care can be passed down from generation to generation. But one mistake during a DIY move and you could end up with an expensive repair bill on your hands or even worse, a piano so busted it’s not worth fixing.

Artwork on the other hand, is even more fragile. Large paintings can easily tear or rip if not protected and moved properly. Heavier pieces are often not made with moving in mind and must be carefully packed and padded to avoid damage.

The last thing you want is to struggle with moving an oversize item AND end up breaking it in the process.


How ANC Movers helps with the BIG stuff

Moving gun safes

You might not realize this but your gun safe can EASILY weigh over half a ton — that’s 1,000 pounds or more! This simply can’t be moved without a heavy duty truck built for big loads. We’ve seen homeowners hurt themselves, cause damage to their homes, and even damage their vehicles trying to move a gun safe.

However, our gun safe movers have the equipment and tools needed to get the job done right. We move gun safes for both commercial (like pawn shops and sporting good stores) as well as residential clients throughout the Portland and Vancouver areas. We come prepared with covers, pads, dollies to protect delicate floors, skids, ramps, and everything else it’ll take to get the job done.


Piano moving

Odds are you’ll only move a few times in your life. Here at ANC Movers, our piano movers have moved hundreds of pianos over the years for everyone from local businesses, professional musicians, schools, and area homeowners.

Your piano is likely one of your prized possessions. Why risk moving it yourself when our fully insured piano moving team is ready to help? We’ve moved grand pianos, modern pianos, player pianos, and every other kind of piano you can imagine.

Believe it or not, we’ve even taken pianos out of windows when a doorway was too small — trust us, you don’t want to try that maneuver yourself!

For your peace of mind, we carry a $2 million liability insurance policy. Can your friend with a pickup truck say that?


Need help moving something big? Call ANC Movers for an estimate.

We’re always available to help with any move. Call (360) 992-8702. We’ll ask you a few questions to get an idea of what the job will take and can generally give an accurate quote over the phone.

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3 Reasons You’ll Love ANC Movers

  1. Our smiling faces – No surly movers or day laborers here. Just our experienced movers who love what they do and take pride in making your move as easy as possible.
  2. Our flexible moving packages – Just tell us how we can help and we’ll do it. We can pack everything in your home or just help move your heavy items. We’ll create a custom moving package to fit your budget and your needs.
  3. Our honest and transparent approach – Everyone’s heard a moving horror story from a friend. But you’ll never hear one about ANC Movers. There are never hidden fees or added last-minute costs. We ensure the safety of your possessions and believe our day isn’t done until you’re 100% satisfied with our work.