So you’re getting ready to move into a new home or apartment, or maybe your business is growing and you’re ready to move to a bigger office. If you’re like most people you probably have one thing on your mind: boxes!

How are you going to find enough boxes to pack all of your stuff? Many people end up scrounging boxes from the supermarket, Craigslist, or anywhere they can find them.

At ANC Movers, we discourage everyone we work with from packing up their possessions with used moving boxes. We only ever provide brand new moving boxes and never ever use old used moving boxes when we pack up a house or office for a full-service move.

Here’s a few of the most important reasons why:

1. Old Boxes are Dirty, Dusty Boxes

Simply put, old boxes, especially those that have been used to ship items through UPS, FedEx, or the US Mail are just plain dirty and grimy. Most shipping trucks aren’t kept clean and if you’re lucky your boxes will be covered (inside and out) with a fine black dust from vehicle exhaust and from being tossed around dirty warehouses. If you’re not lucky, you’ll end up with boxes with oil spots or other stains that can transfer to your home, office, and valuable belongings.

2. Used Boxes are Unsanitary

Beyond dirt and the possibility of cosmetic damage to your belongings, used boxes, especially used wardrobe boxes are very unsanitary. They may be home to bedbugs, moths, carpet beetles or other insects, as well as germs and bacteria that you don’t want touching your clothes!

The last thing you want is an infestation of bugs in your new home or office! Bedbugs are difficult to remove and moths can wreak havoc and destroy your favorite clothes!

Other movers may reuse wardrobe boxes, but we don’t. At ANC Movers if you ask for wardrobe boxes (or any other boxes) to pack up your clothes or belongings, we’ll only ever provide new boxes (at a very reasonable charge).

3. Old Boxes are Weak Boxes

Even the toughest cardboard boxes lose their strength and structural integrity quickly. This goes double for used shipping boxes which have been tossed, kicked, and bounced around for hundreds, if not thousands of miles.

When you pack up items using old boxes, you run the risk of a box breaking during the middle of a move. That can lead to unexpected (and very unwanted damage) to your valuables. Plus if the bottom of a box breaks, you run the risk of dropping something heavy on your feet (ouch!) By using only new boxes, you’re protecting yourself and your belongings.

4. Old Boxes aren’t Versatile

When you search out free used boxes, you can’t be too picky when it comes to the size. You might end up with oversize boxes that are too heavy for you to easily move or unpack. Or you might not be able to find boxes to fit your oddly-shaped possessions.

At ANC Movers we can provide you with the right-sized boxes to pack your possessions. Have an odd-shaped piece of art? We’ve got the perfect box for it. The same goes for your clothes, books, and all the rest of your belongings. You won’t need to overfill boxes or squish something into a box that is too small. Every box will be just right!

5. Finding Boxes is Just the Beginning

When it comes to properly packing up your belongings, boxes are just the beginning. You’ll also need bubble wrap, packaging paper and other supplies to keep your belongings safe and sound. You’re not likely to find those for free, and if you do, used packing materials often carry the same risks as used moving boxes.

Let the ANC Movers Team Help

movers Vancouver WA about

In almost 20 years of helping people move throughout the Vancouver, WA area, I don’t think we’ve ever had anyone regret letting us handle their whole move. Our full-service moves are just that:

  • We’ll pack your home or office
  • Fill up our trucks
  • Move your belongings to their final destination
  • Unload and unpack everything.

Our full-service residential and commercial moves include brand new moving boxes. We never reuse old moving boxes. And we clean our trucks, furniture blankets, pads, and other equipment before and after every move.

Full-service moves are stress-free moves. All you have to do is relax and get ready to enjoy your new office or home. We’ll do the rest and our job isn’t done until you’re completely satisfied with our work.

Of course, if you’re on a budget or just want to pack things up yourself, just let us know! We’ll provide all the packing supplies you’ll need. Then we’ll do the rest.

At ANC Movers, we’re experienced, flexible, and always do our best to make sure your move is a complete success. Our commitment to using the best packing materials is just one way we set ourselves apart from other moving companies in the Vancouver area.

No matter who you choose to help you move, make sure you  compare rates, get written estimates, and make sure you know what the job will cost. And you should always ask to see a valid permit from the Utilities and Transportation Commission (UTC), plus proof of insurance.

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We look forward to helping your next move a success!

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