Are you getting ready to move?

Are you planning to buy a new home soon? Move to a new apartment? You’re probably researching neighborhoods, schools for your kids, and how your daily commute might change, but have you thought about the logistics of your move?

Most people don’t start thinking about moving until they’ve signed their new lease or closed on their new house. And that can be a mistake– one that can cause headaches, frustration, and stress, as well as cost you money.

In today’s post, we’ll talk about what you can expect when planning a move and hiring a moving company, from your first questions to the day of your big move.

Let’s get started!

What Does a Moving Company Actually Do?

First, let’s talk about what a moving company actually does. It sounds like a simple question with a simple answer: “They move your stuff!” but it’s actually a bit more complicated.

That’s because not all moving companies are the same. A service considered standard at one moving company may not even be available at another.

What’s the best way find out what services a moving company offers?

Ask me!Just ask!

The best way to get ahold of me is to call (360) 558-3556. I’m the owner of ANC Movers and I try to answer the phone myself as often as possible. I love talking to people, answering their questions, and helping them get ready to move.

You can also read about how we help people move into a new home.

Questions People Forget to Ask Their Moving Companies

When you’re investigating moving companies, there are some questions you should definitely ask. I wrote about them in a blog post a few months ago.

Here are a few more questions that are just as important, but that people often forget to ask:

  • What supplies do you provide? If you expect your movers to provide boxes and packing supplies, but they show up empty-handed, you’re in for a long moving day.
  • Do you reuse moving supplies? The answer to this question will tell you a lot about a moving company. I often hear from people who ask if I provide wardrobe boxes, for example. I only provide brand new boxes, for one simple reason: do you really want your clothes in the same box that has been used for dozens or hundreds of other moves? At ANC Movers, we don’t reuse boxes and we thoroughly clean our trucks and equipment before and after each move.
  • How can I (or should I) help? Some people don’t want any part in their move. They want the ANC Movers team to handle everything, from packing to moving to unpacking. And that’s great! We love moving an entire home and letting you relax! But if you want to be part of your move, that’s great, too. Just let us know how involved you want to be in your move and our quote will take that into account.

Getting Ready for Your Move

Once you’ve decided on your moving company, your work isn’t done yet– or maybe it is if you opted for a full-service move!

If you’re letting your movers handle everything, here’s how you can get ready for your moving day:

  1. Enjoy a cup of coffee
  2. Wait for your movers to arrive and do the rest
  3. Relax in your new home!

Of course, if you’re handling some aspect of the move yourself, you’ll have a bit more to do. But getting ready for your move doesn’t have to be stressful or frustrating.

Preparation & Packing Tips

  • Ask your movers for advice on how to pack up your home. They’ll be your best resource.
  • Use high-quality packing materials. If your movers aren’t providing supplies, ask for their recommendations on where to find boxes and other sturdy packing materials.
  • Don’t forget to label your boxes! Your boxes should be labeled with both their contents as well as where the box should go in your new home.
  • Clean furniture before you move! Our trucks and furniture pads are always clean and fresh, meaning your furniture won’t get dirty during the move. So cleaning before your move will leave you with one less thing to do once you get settled in.

Getting Unpacked & Settled In

Getting Unpacked and Settled In

Once your old place has been packed up and loaded onto the moving trucks, it can be tempting to start looking ahead to how everything will look in your new home.

But there’s still work to be done! Even if you’re letting your movers unpack and arrange your furniture, they may still have questions about where to put certain items or pieces of furniture.

When you work with our residential moving team, we want you to be 100% satisfied before we leave for the day. Let us know exactly where you want your sofa or how you want your living room arranged.

Don’t forget that at ANC Movers, we’ll assemble your bed and make sure you have a place to sleep, absolutely free of charge!

If you have questions for your mover during the move, just ask! We’d rather catch a problem early than do something you’re not happy with. We’re happy to help and we want to make things perfect!

The Key to a Successful Move

Your Moving Team!

Moving is hard work, but there’s a simple way you can minimize your stress and actually enjoy your move:

Work with a mover you trust!

If you don’t trust your movers, you’ll be worried that:

  • You’re going to get hit with extra costs at the last minute. There are never any hidden fees or mileage charges at ANC Movers.
  • Your valuables are going to be damaged. We’re experienced furniture movers and use high-quality furniture pads and equipment to protect your furniture.
  • Something’s going to get lost. We’re thorough and careful, making sure that everything makes the trip safely.
  • Your new home is going to be a mess. We work clean! Our equipment is always clean and won’t leave tracks, scuffs, or marks behind.

Getting Started

If you’re getting ready to move, give ANC Movers a call at (360) 558-3556.

We specialize in full-service residential moves in and around the Portland and Vancouver areas. But if you’d prefer to pack things up or unpack boxes yourself, we’re happy to customize a moving package just for you.

Photo Credits: Roxanne Ready