Is a move to a new home, apartment, or condo on your to-do list?


Why plan a garage sale before your move?

Think of your new space as a fresh start in life. Why bring a bunch of stuff with you? You probably don’t need it and you probably won’t miss it. Clear out the things that don’t bring you joy. You’ll enjoy your new place more when it’s less cluttered and crowded.

Plus, the cost of your residential move will be lower when you have less stuff to move.

Planning a garage sale is also a good idea if you’re moving into a smaller space and downsizing as part of your move. Paying for a storage unit is just throwing money away.



Just like anything in life, the success of your garage sale is built on a foundation of preparation.

Here’s what you need to think about:

  • What to sell – Be ruthless. If it doesn’t have sentimental value and you don’t use it regularly, why not offer it for sale?
  • Price realistically – Let’s get real. You’re not going to get rich from your yard sale. Don’t expect to recoup what you paid for your items. The true value of your yard sale is getting rid of the stuff you don’t want or don’t need. Sure you’ll make a few bucks, but don’t expect a windfall. Instead, price items realistically and be ready to haggle and bargain.
  • Save the date – What’s the best day to host your garage sale? Don’t overthink it: Pick a Saturday where you’re likely to have decent weather and where there aren’t any big events going on in Vancouver. No holidays either. If you have the energy, maybe schedule a 2-day yard sale with extra low prices on Sunday.
  • Gather your supplies – What do you need? Get plenty of small bills to make change, paper bags for customers’ purchases, and maybe some fun-size candy bars or a cooler of lemonade/iced tea (Arnold Palmers anyone?) to give away to anyone who stops by.

TIP: It’s never been easier to accept credit cards. You can get a free Square reader and give customers the option of using cards instead of cash at your yard sale. Just remember, there are fees so take that into account when pricing items. Or maybe offer a cash discount.



Promote it and they will come.

If you have a garage sale and nobody comes, did it even happen?

You must get the word out. Here in Vancouver some of the best resources for promoting your garage sale are:

  • Craigslist – Every savvy yard sale veteran knows the #1 place to advertise is on Craigslist. It’s free and has a huge audience.
  • Nextdoor – If you’re not on Nextdoor, get the app on your phone ASAP. It’s like a hyper-local, neighborhood Craigslist and a great way to share local events and news.
  • DIY ads – Make signs and flyers and post them around the neighborhood a few days before your yard sale. Make sure they’re eye-catching and include the date, time, and location of your sale. Also include any specialty items buyers might be interested in, like designer clothes, kids’ toys, or fancy kitchen gadgets.
  • Social media – Go beyond sharing your garage sale on your own Facebook page. Find local Facebook Groups and share the event there, too. You might get an idea of how many people might attend and what kind of crowd to expect on the big day.

TIP: Team up with your neighbors. Ask if they’re interested in holding a communal yard sale, too. If everyone pitches in and promotes to their friends, coworkers, and social network, everyone benefits.


What to do on the day of your garage sale

There are two schools of thought when it comes to setting up your yard sale. Some prefer to arrange items by price, while some prefer arranging by purpose — like putting all of the kitchen items together, grouping the clothing, and so on.

We recommend a mix. Create a table with bargains separate from grouped items. You may have a $1 or $.50 table or a Buy 1 Get 1 area.

What else do you need to do on the day of your garage sale?

  1. Start on time. Don’t make exceptions for early birds. People who show up early are garage sale experts and will do their best to get a great deal — at your expense.
  2. Mark down prices as the day goes on. Every few hours, start lowering your prices bit by bit. Remember, you’re looking to clear out the stuff you don’t need.
  3. Stay positive. Yard sales are a little stressful, but do your best to keep a smile on your face throughout the day.


What comes next?

Peter Clarke, ANC Movers founder volunteers at Vancouver’s Run For A Cure

After your yard sale is over, take stock of what’s left. You might want to consider making a charitable donation of what’s left over. You’ll be able to do some good and get rid of your unwanted stuff at the same time.

Your donation may also qualify for a tax deduction. Win, win.

At ANC Movers, we take a lot of pride in giving back to the community here in Vancouver. Over the years we’ve done pro bono moves for families in need, volunteered at local 5K races, and donated to a bunch of other awesome causes.

So if you hire our expert team for your move, we can help take your unwanted items to be donated. We’re happy to save you the trip.


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