An important thing that sets ANC Movers apart from other Vancouver area moving companies is we never send temporary hires, or day laborers, to work at your home. Instead, all our movers are trained and trusted in-house employees who are experts at their jobs.

While other moving companies often hire day laborers as a way to cut costs or take on more jobs, these savings are rarely passed on to you. In the end, what’s really cut is the level of quality, service, and safety.

Let’s take a look at the biggest dangers of hiring a company that uses day laborers (or even hiring an individual day laborer on your own) to handle your move.


1. Accident liability

A full-time employee will be covered under the moving company’s insurance policies and licenses. However, a contract worker will likely not fall under these same protections.

This is extremely dangerous for you for several reasons. Most important is liability.

Let’s say the worker is carrying a heavy piece of furniture down your stairs and slips. This worker has now suffered an accident on your property. If they are not completely covered under workers’ compensation insurance, they can file a personal injury lawsuit against you, seeking payment for medical expenses and lost wages.

When a company sends contract workers to your home who are not protected under their insurance policies, they put you at risk.


2. Lack of personal safety

Another risk factor to consider with day laborers is your own personal safety. Whenever you’re hiring someone to come into your home, you must be sure they can be trusted in your space.

A reputable moving company will perform reference checks and only employ trusted professionals. Day laborers, however, are often picked up very quickly for one-time jobs, with little time spent verifying trustworthiness.

You deserve to know who’s in your home, but even the company many not know much about the people they send if they only employ temporary laborers.


3. Mistreatment of your items

If you have concerns about the safety of your possessions, then a professional moving company with full-time employees is the best route.

Day laborers most likely do not have the experience or training to be aware of how to carefully treat, box, load, and remove your items. As such, there’s a higher risk of damage to your belongings.

Whether it’s not properly protecting furniture, a dropped box of fragile items, or nicks and scrapes on your walls — day laborers simply do not have the experience and know-how needed to safely move your belongings.

Even if the moving company assumes liability for the full value of your goods, no one wants their beloved items ruined by careless movers. Not to mention all the time and headache of having to replace these damaged goods.


4. Improper use of equipment

A trusted moving company trains their employees on each piece of moving equipment so they know exactly how to use it. This includes furniture pads, protective blankets, dollies, hand carts, back braces, and shrink wrap tools.

Not using these correctly can result in…

  • Loss of time
  • Damage to items
  • Accidents on your property

Additionally, there are certain protocols that a moving company should take to ensure the wellbeing of your items. For example, thoroughly cleaning the truck before and after each move. A day laborer may not adhere to these protocols or even understand how to go about them properly.


5. Slow and inefficient

Moving can be a stressful process. You’ll likely spend weeks planning and preparing. So when the big moving day arrives, you want to get it done quickly and efficiently.

More than just wanting to get it over with, you’ll probably have specific timelines you’re trying to meet. For instance, needing to be out of your old house by a certain time or wanting certain items unloaded in your new space at a specific time so you can get your family settled for the night.

You cannot expect a moving company to move efficiently and meet your timeline. They simply lack the knowledge and experience to do so. After all, there quite a few skills that go into being able to work efficiently (and safely) on a moving project, such as…

  • Understanding which items to load into the truck first & last
  • How to load items so they all fit appropriately in the truck
  • Ability to move multiple items simultaneously
  • Understanding of what items can be packed in a box together

6. No incentive to uphold the company’s reputation

When you’re considering a moving company, you’ll probably talk to someone from the business on the phone or read through their website to gauge whether or not they are the right choice.

You’ll have an expectation of what level of service you’ll be provided based on these interactions as well as other important factors like company reviews. However, if the moving company decides to use day laborers for your move, you cannot expect to receive the promised level of care.

This is because their level of control over a contract worker is limited.

With an employee, the moving company pays for the person to do what is asked and controls not only the nature of the work, but the method, manner, and the means by which they do it.

Day laborers, on the other hand, can only be hired to produce a finished result — which in this case, is moving your items. Legally, the moving company cannot control how the worker does this.

What does this mean for you? A few things…

  • The worker can perform the job however they choose (even if it will produce less than ideal results)
  • The worker does not have to uphold the values or integrity of the company
  • The worker does not have to uphold the company’s promised level of customer service

Though the day laborer may naturally provide good service, they don’t legally have to provide everything promised to you by the company.


ANC Movers is proud to only employ expert movers

For more than 17 years, we’ve ensured the best care and service because we never use temporary hires for moves. Fully licensed and insured, all our employees are expert movers that have been carefully screened and trained.

Meet our team or give us a call today at (360) 992-8702 to learn why we have a reputation for providing service with a smile and moving belongings with extreme care.