If you’ve gone through a move on your own before, you know how stressful it can be. The crazy thing is, there are so many strategies that simplify the process — many people just don’t use them!

Two of the biggest time savers (and stress reducers) during a move are:

1. Getting help from a local moving company
2. Using temporary storage

We’ve talked a lot about the advantages of working with a moving company in the past. Today, we’ve highlighted 5 situations where temporary storage is a great strategy and resource for surviving a moving transition.

1. Staging your home for buyers

One compelling reason to take advantage of temporary storage is for home staging purposes. If you’re putting your home on the market, staging for photos and buyer tours is essential. According to the National Association of Realtors, a staged home sells for 17% more on average than a non-staged home. Plus, 95% of staged homes sell in 11 days or less. 

At the very least, your real estate agent will recommend clearing away personal items and photos, decluttering rooms, and keeping furnishings and decor to a minimum. If your realtor suggests moving out of the home and having a company stage the house from scratch, you’ll have to find a temporary storage solution for all of your belongings (and for yourself!).

At any level of home staging, you’ll need a place to store all the items you clear out of your home, making a temporary storage service very advantageous.

Temporary storage for downsizing

If you’re interested in starting with a clean slate, you might not be interested in bringing all your belongings into your new space. Or maybe your new home is smaller than your previous living arrangement and there just isn’t room! 

If you don’t have space in your new place but want to take your time in downsizing and selling excess items, temporary storage is a nice solution. 

If downsizing for a more minimalist lifestyle is your goal, we never recommend a long-term storage solution. To truly downsize and adopt a minimalist lifestyle, your goal should be to sell or donate your items. A short-term storage option is a good middle ground.

3. Short-term living arrangement

During a living transition, it’s common to find yourself stuck between homes in a temporary living situation. For example, staying at a family or friend’s house, short-term rental, or even a hotel. This is common when you’ve…

  • Sold your home before closing on your new place
  • Purchased a new home but are remodeling it before you move in
  • Left your previous residence and are still searching for the right living situation

In any case, having a temporary storage option for all your belongings can make this transition period much less stressful. 

4. Planning your new home layout

Unpacking in a new home takes time. It can be difficult to decide how to arrange and organize all your belongings in a brand new space. Especially when there are boxes and decorations and furniture everywhere.

Rather than rushing through the unpacking process, or living in a warzone of boxes for months on end, short-term storage offers you a less cluttered and more streamlined unpacking strategy. You can plan out exactly how you want to organize and arrange furniture in each room and do your unpacking in stages, rather than all at once. It may also give you some insight into which of your items you no longer want to keep.

5. Begin furnishing your new home

Another great advantage and use of temporary storage is as a warehouse for newly purchased items for your new home.

Many people want to get started right away on ordering and obtaining additional decor and furnishing for their new home. However, you can’t do this if you don’t have a safe and convenient place to store these items while you wait to move in.

Tip: Move and store your belongings through the same company

A final tip: if you decide to take advantage of temporary storage during a move, store and move your belongings with the same company. This is a small detail, but important for one really important reason….convenience.

Moving can be a little bit crazy. If you work with multiple companies, you’re only adding more to your plate during an already busy time. You’ll be tasked with coordinating schedules with both a moving team and a storage facility. There’s the risk of possible miscommunications, delayed timelines, and more.

If you’re already working with a moving company, it just makes sense to use the same company for temporary storage. Combining these two services allows you to keep track of just one contract, estimate, and timeline.

Simplify the moving process with ANC Movers

At ANC Movers, we’re your friends with a truck. Our team is fully licensed and insured to help with both local Oregon and Washington moves as well as nationwide moves. We’re also proud to offer short-term storage services that are simple, secure, and hassle-free.

Store your items with us in our climate-controlled, highly-secure facility for up to 90 days. We’ll pick up your belongings and deliver them to your new home whenever you’re ready. We can even pick up new furniture or other large purchases and store them until you’re ready for them in your new space.

Learn more about our temporary storage services or contact us today for a free quote