The last time you moved, did you look at a few companies’ reviews online before you decided who to hire?

People refer to online reviews for everything from restaurants to car dealerships. Moving companies are no exception. But what goes into writing a good review?

If you’ve worked with a moving company recently and you’re thinking about writing them a review, keep reading. I’ll go through the basics of writing a good review, including where to post it online and 4 key points you should mention.

Why Leave a Review?

One of the most important aspects of researching a company is seeing what other people have said about them online. Websites like Angie’s List make it easy to get a sense of what it’s like to work with a particular company from other customers.

Well-written reviews help match customers with the right company to fit their needs. If you had a good experience with your moving company, writing about it online will help other people who are getting ready to move decide if that company is right for leave a review iphonethem.

Your review will help the company too. If they did a good job, let everyone know! Most review sites make it easy to leave a review from your smartphone too!

Unfortunately, not all moving companies have the same level of experience and professionalism, so it’s a good idea to advocate for the companies that do a great job.

Where Should You Leave Your Review?

When in doubt, review on Google and Yelp. Reviews there are probably the most likely to be seen by other people looking for a moving company.

But if you’ve taken the time to write a thoughtful review, you might as well post it everywhere. It can’t hurt to copy and paste your review on Angie’s List and any other sites where you know the company has a profile. Share your review with your friends on Facebook, too.

If your review is positive, there’s no doubt your moving company will be thrilled to see it no matter where it is, but some companies prefer certain review sites over others. Ask your moving company, if you’re not sure.

How to Write a Good Review

So what makes a good moving review? The best reviews are detailed but concise, so if you’re pressed for time, there’s nothing wrong with keeping it short and sweet.

Let’s look at 4 ingredients that make up a killer review.

1. The Basics

Give potential readers a little background on your situation. You might want to include when you moved, how large your home is, how far you were moving, whether you had any fragile items, and any other relevant details. That information will help people relate their own situation to yours, and get a more accurate snapshot of what working with a particular moving company might be like.

2. The Customer Service

What it was like to work with the company? Try to paint a picture of the company’s customer service. Did they seem happy to be working with you?

Were they on budget and on schedule? Were they professional and polite? Any time a company goes the extra mile to make sure you’re completely satisfied with the service, that’s worth mentioning in your review. Customer service means everything to some people.

On the other hand, if you had a bad experience, it’s a good idea to mention that too. Of course, no business wants to receive a negative review, but if you had a negative experience with a company, you have every right to warn other potential customers.

Try to state negative experiences factually and be specific. People will put more faith in your review if you give an honest and straightforward account of what happened, rather than going on a rant.

3. The Services Provided

piano movingMention specific services your moving company provided. Was it a residential or commercial move? Did they move a piano or pool table? Maybe you just needed a single piece of furniture moved.

Many people are looking for a full-service moving company who will do everything from packing to placing every box in the right room. If your moving company didn’t make you lift a finger, says so!

Including specifics about the moving services will help other people decide if the company offers the services they need.

4. The Results

Don’t leave people hanging with your review. Let them in on what happened after the dust settled.

Did everything arrive at its destination with no damage? If something was broken, did the company reimburse you for the damage?

Did the company check to make sure you all your needs were addressed before they left the site?

If the company arrived late, were you compensated in some way for lost time, or did they rush out, leaving you with unanswered questions?

Whatever you’ve experienced as a result of working with the company should be noted in your online review.

What Does a Good Review Look Like?

Now that you know how to write a good review, let’s look at an example. Here’s a review someone left my company, ANC Movers. It has all of the 4 elements we went over and it’s well-written and concise.


This reviewer gave readers background on his particular situation, including the location of the move. He went on to mention our customer service, what we moved, and the fact that he referred his customers to us as a result of the move!

If you had a great experience with your moving company and want to sing their praises, this review is a great example to follow.

What Else Makes a Good Review?

By including those 4 basic pieces of information in your review, you’ll help other potential customers do their homework before deciding to hire a moving company. Leaving a 5-star review is also one of the most important things you can do to reward a moving company for doing a great job.

Did we miss anything? What else do you want to see in a review when you’re looking for a moving company? Let us know in the comments! If you’ve worked with ANC Movers and would like to leave us a review, head over to our Google Reviews.