Moving is stressful even with a car. In addition to needing to take stock of what you have and buying things you may need for the new home, you must think of the logistics of getting your stuff to your new home. Then, once you figure out the logistics you actually have to do it without breaking anything (or yourself).

Without a car all of this becomes even harder.

In this month’s post, we’ll go over the best way to go about moving when you are car-less. We’ll also cover the advantages of hiring a Vancouver moving company to help you!

Let’s dig in!


Benefits of Not Owning a Car

It has never been easier to not own a car. With the rise of services like Lyft and Uber, cities like Vancouver, WA understand the benefits of public transit. With gas prices on the rise, going carless has never made more sense.

Benefits of not owning a car include:

  • Money saved on insurance and car payments
  • No worrying about your car breaking down
  • Less impact on the environment
  • Not worrying about parking
  • More money to spend on things you actually enjoy

Going Car-Free in the 21st Century

A common argument against going carless is that owning a car is just more “convenient.” While this used to be true, in the modern world we live in today this is simply just no longer the case.

In addition to modern conveniences like online shopping and grocery delivery, on-demand services like Uber and Lyft make the ever-rarer trip to a brick and mortar store still easy. Even delivery has expanded, with a number of different services offering expanded food delivery options. It’s no wonder that millenials buy fewer cars than previous generations.


Moving While Carless

While moving without a car seems like a hassle initially, much like Uber and Lyft you can now move with less hassle (and less money) with services that will do it for you.

With the money you save from not owning a car, you can invest in a moving service to do the moving for you!


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Downsides of Moving Yourself

Moving by yourself can be horrible. There are so many mistakes you can make, including injuring yourself or destroying valuable items.

When you move on your own…

  • You will likely have to take time off work. Even if you start on the weekend, most moving jobs take more than just two days when you do it yourself.
  • You will have to find friends or family to help you move. Even two adults will have a hard time moving every item by themselves.
  • You’ll have to buy all of the moving materials. Boxes, tape, and moving pads can be expensive when added up.
  • You’ll have to figure out a way to move everything. Trucks are expensive and hard to drive and friends may not want to let you borrow their truck.
  • You’ll have to pack everything up yourself. While this seems easy, when you pack yourself, things will inevitably break.
  • You may get injured. Attempting to move items like armoires and large bookshelves should only be moved by experienced professionals, not doing so can lead to injury.
  • Items will be damaged. If you don’t know what you are doing, it’s easy for items to become damaged during a move.

When you decide to go the DIY moving route, you have two primary options:

  • Renting a moving truck
  • Borrowing a car from a friend


Moving Truck Rentals

Many people without cars default to hiring a moving truck from one of the large moving truck rental companies to help them with their Vancouver move.

While it may seem like a great place to save money during the expensive moving process, renting a truck is not as easy as it may seem. While these companies may often advertise themselves as lower cost, easy alternatives, the reality is that they are often anything but.

Somethings to consider before renting a moving truck in Vancouver, WA….

Reservations Are Not Guaranteed

While you can “reserve” trucks in advance with most of these companies, that does not necessarily guarantee that they’ll have a truck for you on the day you’re scheduled. An executive at one of these companies said that on some days 40% of renters were left hanging!

Even if they do have something for you, they may not have the right size available, leaving you with a truck that’s either too small to fit everything or too big to comfortably drive.

While some companies blame non-returns or mechanical issues for the lack of availability, the result is the same: a moving day without the necessary truck to move your belongings.

Mileage Not Included

While the low prices a lot of these companies advertise look great, they are never the whole story. When you rent a moving truck, miles are almost never included in the price, leaving you on the hook for an additional fee if you go over.

This is particularly troublesome for anyone planning on a longer journeyed move, or if you plan on taking multiple trucks with the vehicle.

Having to worry about whether or not you judged the amount of space you’d need and having to go on that trip back to get the last bit can be painful. Make sure to talk to any rental company about their mileage policy. Also make sure to ask about the days you are allowed to keep your truck, and if they let you store it overnight if need be.


Fuel Efficiency is Horrible

In addition to paying for mileage yo use on the truck, you’ll also have to pay for the gas you use. This makes the horrible gas efficiency of the truck a big problem.

Even the smallest trucks still on average get horrible gas mileage, turning that low advertised price into an even scarier one come the end of the moving experience.

Trucks Are Generally Not in Good Condition

Much like all rented equipment, moving trucks are not always treated with the best care by even the most well-meaning of movers. This means that moving trucks often breakdown and leave movers stranded and with another headache on an already stressful day.

When this happens, the trucks are often already booked out, leaving no new truck for you to use, forcing you to completely reschedule your moving weekend.


I Have a Friend or Family Member With A Truck. Couldn’t I Just Use Theirs?

Ask anyone you know with a truck what their pet peeve is, and they’ll all say the same thing: being asked to move other people’s things. While often these kind folks will agree to do it, consider their….

  • Time: While it may seem like not that big a deal, on weekend and evenings they may want to have to use of their vehicle to live their life
  • Feelings: While they may say yes, they may then have ill-will toward you if they feel you are ungrateful. This could lead to strained relationships
  • Truck: Let’s face it – moving can be rough on vehicles. Whether it’s the constant miles or trying to fit that extra piece of furniture that can’t really be fit in, damage can be done. This can be frustrating for truck owners, and can again lead to strained relationships with the owner


How to Move When You Don’t Own A Car

Simply put, the best way to move when you don’t own a car is to hire a moving company to do the moving for you.

Benefits of Hiring a Mover

When hiring an experienced moving company, you’ll:

  • Move without the stress generally associated with moving, allowing you to focus on more pressing needs while transitioning to a new space
  • Avoid having to purchase moving supplies
  • Have your furniture and valuables handled by professionals who know how to move expensive and fragile items


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